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The platform which connects any kind of worldwide artists with the business world.

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Why is BYOT born?

We felt the need to help artists who are struggling to find jobs, most of them have no sales skills, no network, no IT/Social media skills, they just have an amazing portfolio of their work.

Photography of a Rock show.
Photography of a movie shooting.

Why is it worldwide?

BYOT is a worldwide platform (cloud based) because talented people are everywhere and anywhere to bring inspirations and emotions to the world, there is no border to creativity, no border to art.

Who could join ?

It is based on the supply vs demand.

If you are an events agency, a wedding planner, a company, a municipality or a cinema/music producer looking for some artists to work on your next movie project, expo, etc... This is your space to connect with them for amazing projects.

If you are a singer, a dancer, a painter, a photograph, a writer, an actor/actress, a model, an interior designer, a make up artist, in the fashion/gaming industry, etc... This is your space to express yourself and connect with the business world, to get involve in some missions and collaborations.

Photography of a graffiti

What are you waiting for?

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